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How to build and publish an Angular module

This post is about Angular 2 & 4.


Creating your Angular module: pitfalls

This part is quite the same as creating a module in your app : import the modules you need, declare components, directives or pipes, or provide some services. There is just a few points to be aware of.

First, never import BrowserModule. Your module is a Read More

Some Vim Commands

Vim provides many ways to move the cursor. Becoming familiar with them leads to more effective text editing.

h   move one character left
j   move one row down
k   move one row up
l   move one character right
w   move to beginning of next word
b   move to previous beginning of word
e   move to end of word
W   move to beginning of next word after a whitespace
B   move to beginning of previous word before a whitespace
E   move to end of word before a whitespace

All the above movements can be preceded by a count; e.g. 4j moves down 4 lines.

0   move to beginning of line
$   move to end of line
_   move to first non-blank character of the line
g_  move to last non-blank character of the line

gg  move to first line
G   move to last line
nG  move to n'th line of file (n is a number; 12G moves to line 12)

H   move to top of screen
M   move to middle of screen
L   move to bottom of screen

z.  scroll the line with the cursor to the center of the screen
zt  scroll the line with the cursor to the top
zb  scroll the line with the cursor to the bottom

Ctrl-D  move half-page down
Ctrl-U  move half-page up
Ctrl-B  page up
Ctrl-F  page down
Ctrl-O  jump to last (older) cursor position
Ctrl-I  jump to next cursor position (after Ctrl-O)
Ctrl-Y  move view pane up
Ctrl-E  move view pane down

n   next matching search pattern
N   previous matching search pattern
*   next whole word under cursor
#   previous....... Read More

I often use the python 2.x version to run a HTTP server on any directory which is the default python version on any new mac machine, and it works great on for any static content. You don't need to download or setup a fully furured http server locally to serve static content, here is a handy list of ways to run a HTTP server :

  • Ruby 1.9.2+

    ruby -run -e httpd . -p 3006

  • Python 2.x 

    python -m SimpleHTTPServer 3006 

  • Python 3.x

    python -m http.server 3006

  • PHP 5.4+

    php -S


 add-job-to-view  Adds jobs to view.
build Builds a job, and optionally waits until its completion.
cancel-quiet-down Cancel the effect of the "quiet-down" command.
clear-queue Clears the build queue.
connect-node Reconnect to a node(s)
console Retrieves console output of a build.
copy-job Copies a job.
create-credentials-by-xml Create Credential by XML
create-credentials-domain-by-xml Create Credentials Domain by XML
create-job Creates a new job by reading stdin as a configuration XML file.
create-node Creates a new node by reading stdin as a XML configuration.
create-view Creates a new view by reading stdin as a XML configuration.
delete-builds Deletes build record(s).
delete-credentials Delete a Credential
delete-credentials-domain Delete a Credentials Domain
delete-job Deletes job(s).
delete-node Deletes node(s)
delete-view Deletes view(s).
disable-job Disables a job.
disconnect-node Disconnects from a node.
enable-job Enables a job.
get-credentials-as-xml Get a Credentials as XML (secrets redacted)
get-credentials-domain-as-xml Get a Credentials Domain as XML
get-gradle List available gradle installations
get-job Dumps the job definition XML to stdout.
get-node Dumps the node definition XML to stdout.
get-view Dumps the view definition XML to stdout.
groovy Executes the specified....... Read More

On Browser cache

Disable cache while developing. 



  • Tools > Web-Tools > Firebug > Open Firebug.
  • In the Firebug views go to the "Net" view.
  • A drop down menu symbol will appear next to "Net" (title of the view).
  • Select "Disable Browser Cache" from the drop down menu.


- Dev Tools on the bottom right click on the gear and tick the option