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// Checks for ie

    var isIE = !!navigator.userAgent.match(/MSIE/i) || !!navigator.userAgent.match(/Trident.*rv:11\./);

    isIE && $('html').addClass('ie');


  // Checks for iOs, Android, Blackberry, Opera Mini, and Windows mobile devices

var ua = window['navigator']['userAgent'] || window['navigator']['vendor'] || window['opera'];

(/iPhone|iPod|iPad|Silk|Android|BlackBerry|Opera Mini|IEMobile/).test(ua) && $('html').addClass('smart');

#This is a work in prgress - the goal of this script is to parse mail box names and grap the first 10 or so emails in 
each folder.


# Retrieve all folders names
curl --url "" --user "" > $outputfile

# Empty files that will hold the below curl calls results
echo '' > $folderNames
echo '' > $temp
echo '' > $folderContent

while read line
echo $line | sed 's/.*"\/" //' >> $temp
done < $outputfile

while read line
echo $line | sed 's/"//' | sed 's/"//' | sed 's/ /%20/' | sed 's/ //' >> $folderNames
done < $temp

while read line
if [ ! -z "$line" -a "$line" != "" ]; then
echo "Saveing "$line 1>&3
curl --url $url --user "" > $folderName
done < $folderNames

# Examine a folder - returns the total number of messages etc the append the results in each file

while read line
if [ ! -z "$line" -a "$line" != "" ]; then
echo "Saveing "$line 1>&3
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What are some common integration errors for Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) and Customer Information Manager (CIM)?


Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) and Customer Information Manager (CIM) use similar Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and share many of the same errors. The following is a listing of common ARB and CIM issues you may encounter, and how each error should be resolved.

E00003 – An error occurred while parsing the XML request.

An E00003 response usually means the XML submitted doesn't meet the schema specifications for ARB or CIM. You or your developer should review the XML data that they are generating and submitting. First, confirm that the XML is well-formed, by loading the XML data into Internet Explorer and seeing if Internet Explorer's XML parser can read the data.

If the XML is well-formed, check to see that the data elements are in the right order, as many data types in the ARB/CIM schema, such as creditCardType, must be in the correct order. If they are not, E00003 may occur. The order is described within the schema, and the API documentation lists the elements in the order expected.

This error may also occur if the name of an element is misspelled.

E00007 – User authentication failed due to invalid authentication values.

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Set your details

git config --global "John Doe"
git config --global ""

Use --global to set the configuration for all projects. If git config is used without --global and run inside a project directory, the settings are set for the specific project.

Make git ignore file modes

cd project/
git config core.filemode false

This option is useful if the file permissions are not important to us, for example when we are on Windows.

See your settings

git config --list

Initialize a git repository for existing code

cd existing-project/
git init

Clone a remote repository

git clone

This creates a new directory with the name of the repository.

Clone a remote repository in the current directory

git clone .

Get help for a specific git command

git help clone

Update and merge your current branch with a remote

cd repository/
git pull origin master

Where origin is the remote repository, and master the remote branch.
If you don't want to merge your changes, use git fetch

View remote urls

git remote -v

Change origin url

git remote set-url origin http// Read More

Example gulp file

Since I started using gulp to manage front-end assets, my development workflow has improved a ton. I quickly became a fan and I integrate it into every project or task i work on. There are many node modules on NPM that developers can use already and I simply use the ones that would save me doing repeatitive tasks. A general rule I follow is if I am doing something over and over and it takes 10 seconds or more then what ever that i am doing should become a gulp task. By doing so, I end up saving a considerable amount of time in my development workflow.

Here are some of the gulp tasks I automate, hope you find it usefull for your workflow


npm install --save-dev gulp gulp-postcss gulp-sass gulp-sourcemaps autoprefixer lost gulp-minify gulp-uglify gulp-rename gulp-changed gulp-livereload gulp-concat gulp.spritesmith gulp-image-resize gulp-svg-sprite gulp-filter gulp-less path 
./node_modules/gulp/bin/gulp.js watch
var gulp = require('gulp'),
postcss = require('gulp-postcss'),
sass = require('gulp-sass'),
sourcemaps = require('gulp-sourcemaps'),
autoprefixer = require('autoprefixer'),
lost = require('lost'),
minify = require('gulp-minify'),
uglify = require('gulp-uglify'),
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